Digital Marketing 

The internet has changed the traditional concept of buying and selling. With the existence of digital media, the way we sell have changed to suit evolving customer behaviour – instead of you reaching out to find customers, customers who are interested in what you’re offering will now find you through your digital presence.

Studies have shown that today’s consumers actively conduct research online before committing to a purchase. Customers will find you through helpful and engaging content that is relevant to what they’ve been searching for online, leading them to visit your website and eventually, making a purchase.

BeFast will help create leads online while creating awareness and increasing your brand’s presence digitally through social media and advertising with the following:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing including Pay Per Click, AdWords and analytics


Online advertising & promotions on selected websites and social media


Social media marketing & management 


Database EDM & targeted campaigns

Web Design & Development      

Your website us just as important as face-to-face dealings with your customers. It should also immediately provide a positive user experience and meet with your objectives and your customers’ expectations. A great looking website will win over your customers along with user-friendliness and great user experience as well as motivate your customers to act, enquire and buy.

BeFast will help you to plan your user experience while building site architecture and content structure, so you can be sure that your customers are finding exactly what they are looking for. It is important to nurture visitors to your website so that inquiry will turn into sales.

Simplicity is key – visitors should feel that your website is easy to use and to navigate. It is also wise to have an easy Content Management System so the person managing your website can add and remove content easily.

We can help you plan and construct your company website, e-commerce websites, mobile and tablet apps and business systems using custom web design or fixed price web templates.

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Mobile Responsive Web Designs

It is important that your website is mobile-responsive. In today’s age, the majority of internet users access websites from their smartphones and tablets. All websites developed by BeFast will offer a seamless user experience whether on a smartphone, tablet, desktop or tablet.

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Wi-Fi Befast it can customise made for your company branding and use by very many devices from smartphones to laptops and tablets to remote sensors, actuators televisions and many more.

There are several frequency bands within the radio spectrum that are used for the Wi-Fi and within these there are many channels that have been designated with numbers so they can be identified.

Although many Wi-Fi channels are selected automatically, it sometimes helps to have an understanding of the Wi-Fi spectrum, bands, frequencies and the channels with their channel numbers to enable the best performance to be gained.

When setting up a BeFast Wi-Fi network at the event, market , in the office, or anywhere else, it can help to have a knowledge of your company  channels and bands available, so that successful Wi-Fi links can be link into your company promotion or event!

Also when office Wi-Fi access points are installed, it helps to understand the brand, their characteristics visitors and the channels available. BeFast Wi-Fi Channel is easy to set up and can be developed to unlimited services.

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